Safety and Wellbeing

Grange Farm & Dunmow Runners want all athletes to feel safe and to be able to train and compete without being subjected to any form of harassment, bullying, verbal or physical abuse or excessive pressure.

If you have any concerns about the way you are treated by Club Officers, Coaches, Officials or other athletes, we encourage you to contact our Welfare Officer as detailed below.

Similarly, if you feel concern that another athlete, or a friend, is being subjected to any form of abuse, you should mention your concerns to our Welfare Officer. Any discussions you have will be treated in complete confidence, and our Welfare Officer will help to resolve or eliminate the problem, and have access to professional assistance if required.

The club’s Welfare Officer is Glenda Jackson. She can be contacted via email:


  • Grange Farm & Dunmow Runners Committee agrees with and will implement the UKA Safeguarding Code of Conduct

Codes of Conduct club safeguarding (Click to view)

  • Grange Farm & Dunmow Runners Committee adopts and will implement the “UKA Adult Safeguarding Policy and Procedures” 

Adult Safeguarding Policy
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Adult Safeguarding Procedures (Click to view)

Inclusion Policy (Click to view)