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Grange Farm Runners Lee Pickering

Lee Pickering

Event Endurance Coach and Level 3 personal Trainer
I started my running journey at school at the back of the field, joined a running club, worked hard and eventually started to make the county team as well as picking up county and area medals. I was lucky enough to compete at multiple English school events and to carry on my development throughout my running journey.

I spent many years under good running coaches soaking up the knowledge they were giving me. There was always a plan to develop my coaching skills to give back to the sport I love.

I have the pleasure of coaching at GFDR on a Monday evening at the track. My aim is to help people achieve their individual goals on their running journey, just like my coaches helped me!
Jason Bepey

Jason Bepey

I have been running since my days in the school xc team (many years ago!) However for many years I was running very casually on my own, a couple times a week.

Since joining GFDR in 2015 I have become more and more involved in running and now enjoy taking part in marathons and other races on a regular basis.

I firmly believe in the physical and psychological benefits that running can provide. As a qualified Coach in Running Fitness I look to help others with achieving their running goals, whether this is just to enjoy a social run with a group or to achieve a quicker time in races.
Colin Jackson

Colin Jackon

I am a newcomer to running having only started in 2014.

Before running I focused on karate for 20 years prior to that achieving 3rd dan black belt. I needed a new challenge and decided to try running. I found running far harder than karate, and was at the back of the pack to start with, but through hard training and commitment my running has improved significantly.

I have now passed the Leadership in Running Fitness and Coach in Running Fitness courses with England Athletics and regularly train GFDR sessions. As a mature runner and someone that started at a low ability level initially I really understand the feeling and process of running training, and have empathy with all abilities and ages.
James Bosher

James Bosher

I first got into running following the 2012 Olympics.

Inspired by British athletes I took part in a 10k where I was delighted to run the whole way without stopping. Still playing competitive football at the time I casually entered a few events here and there in the following years. I began to fall in love with running more and more and ended up giving up football and even built up the courage to join a running club. I joined GFDR as a complete novice and the support and welcome I received were something I will never forget. My times rapidly improved and my motivation grew stronger.

I will always be thankful to the coaches that helped me so I decided to become one myself and try to help others achieve their goals whether that be running for 30 minutes non-stop or trying to win races.
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Chris Hayhow

Personal Trainer
Steve Read

Steve Read

My name is Steve Read. I was born in 1967 and before I started running at 21, I was an overweight, heavy drinking smoker. Running introduced me to new friends and a new lifestyle that had such an impact, I was totally hooked and have run ever since.

As a member of Enfield and Harringey Athletic Club, I worked hard and was rewarded with a County title over 10km on the road and a personal best of 31'52", as the most memorable highlight.

Whilst I had the guidance of an excellent coach on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the rest of the time I created my own sessions and effectively self coached, experimenting with all sorts of methods and combinations of training techniques.

Now I am looking to use this experience, coupled with official coaching qualifications, to help as many people as I can enjoy the amazing benefits of running as part of their lifestyle. I do this through group and 121 coaching, residential running weeks and arranging race events.